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The school holds training courses for mental health education teachers to improve their mental education ability
2023-08-21 09:58  

From August 14 to 18, the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center invited Professor Gai Xiaosong's team from the School of Psychology of Northeast Normal University to conduct special training on "Psychological education ability Improvement" for professional and part-time mental health education teachers and some counselors in our school。

This training was conducted by four psychological experts from Northeast Normal University, Jilin University and other universities from "College students' self-understanding and self-management", "College students' emotional regulation and stress coping", "Life meaning and psychological coping with depression", "College students' interpersonal relationship and communication skills improvement", "Give play to character advantages and improve interpersonal skills group counseling exercise", "College students' mental health classCourse system and teaching points "six topics were taught。According to different topics, the experts provide a large amount of data, analyze typical cases, explain theoretical knowledge, share practical experience, and carry out on-site practical exercises, so that all participants have a deeper understanding of relevant knowledge, open the train of thought, and form practical plans。

During the training process, all the participants always maintained full enthusiasm and full concentration in the face of high-intensity learning, and tried to learn while practicing, analyze while discussing, understand while experiencing, and tried to absorb the knowledge and experience provided by experts, and improved the ability to independently use professional psychological knowledge to carry out psychological education practice in the shortest time。

This training has a total of 50 hours, the whole knowledge density is high, the scene atmosphere is good, the students gain a lot, and the complete construction of the action channel from theory to practice, so that all the participants can master the psychological knowledge and skills of six topicsTo enhance the ability of teaching, lectures, activities and in-depth talks in the practice of psychological education。It further strengthens the professional quality of the psychological education team of our school, and saves high-quality human resources for the improvement of the quality of psychological education work。

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